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Student Council 2017-2018

From left to right

Avichal House Captain – Raunaq Sandhu , Pragati House Captain – Sonakshi Chaturvedi

Sports Vice Captain – Purvi Manjrekar, Sports Captain – Dhanashree Patil , 

School Captain – Shreya Agiwal, School Vice Captain – Ishaan Mane

Prerna House Captain – Keyuri Trivedi, Jagruti House Captain – Krish Panchal 

Student Council- Led by the School Captain, students have an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of effective leadership, and the characteristic features of responsible studentship. The students of the Secondary section are given membership to one of 4 Houses of the school – Prerna, Jagruti, Pragati, and Avichal. The Student Council organizes a variety of inter-house competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents, resulting in House Trophies recognizing student behavior, sports prowess, participation in activities, and academic achievement.


The House System enables the school to have manageable groups of students, and foster in them a sense of belongingness. It facilitates the development of the talents of students through competition & cooperation.

The colors and values symbolized by each of the four houses in the Secondary section are:

Prerna (Red) – Valor (Courage)

Jagruti (Blue) – Peace (Reason)

Pragati (Green) – Prosperity (Integrity)

Avichal (Yellow) – Humanity (Sensitivity)



Mentors Day 

Std 6-Letter to Bhagat Singh          Std 7 - Design a Slogan           Std 8-Poster Making           Std10-Act it Out





Pi day
Independence Day



World Environment Day