Library: Educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. Our library is a treasury of books for children of all ages. Covering a wide range of subjects in fact and fiction, we consider it a priority to build in children a love and respect for books that will last them a lifetime.

Laboratories: Learning by doing can be achieved only by doing experimentation. Our students gain practical experience in the laboratories to support and strengthen theoretical knowledge. They experience the pleasure of discovery, understand scientific working methods and higher order thinking skills, as well as learn to handle equipment and apparatus.

Computer Centre: Today’s world runs on computers. Just about every aspect of modern life involves a computer in some way or another. Our students learn basic computing skills, graduating to complex functions as part of ICT in the core curriculum.

Worksheets: To provide for student-sensitive and flexible syllabi, worksheets are used in place of notebooks. Carefully researched and designed by trained professionals, the worksheets bridge the gap between the text and student comprehension. It helps the student to learn organization, time management, care and attention. Also, no more heavy school-bags!

The academic sections are well-supported by an efficient administrative and ancillary staff. The school has 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of the students. The school canteen and professional (contract) transport facility add to the comfort and well being of students.