Celebration of special days: Occasions like Mentor’s day, Teacher’s day, Independence and Republic day, Children’s day, world AIDS day, Grandparents day, etc are observed through a variety of activities and projects, to generate social awareness and respect.

Cultural Day: Every year, students demonstrate their talents on stage, in a variety of performing arts, including dance, drama, and singing. This annual event is a grand occasion, eagerly awaited by all staff, students and parents. Students can aspire for the school awards that recognize excellence in behavior, academic achievement, values such as integrity, sensitivity, courage and reasoning sportsmanship, reading habits, and all round outstanding performance in school.

Sports Meet: The sports day is looked forward to by parents and students alike as students participate in a variety of track and field events, March past, and displays, annually. It’s a place where champions are discovered and winners walk away with trophies, medals and certificates.

We encourage our students to take part in all the school events to identify their potential and showcase their talents and skills.