Based on an age appropriate educational plan, the school provides a wide range of activities for students.

Inter house competitions: The Student Council organizes a variety of competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents.

Clubs: Students can join a variety of clubs as per their interest-Science and Nature club. The clubs offer myriad activities, opportunities to perform, and guest interactions. Students are enthusiastic members of clubs, working actively at building knowledge, responsibility and sensitivity.

Off-site activity: The curriculum integrates first-hand learning through field trips, tours, educational excursions, and camps to enhance student learning. The students also enjoy the class picnic each year.

Awareness programmes: Seminars and interactions with eminent experts in various social fields are organized to generate awareness about the danger of tobacco, under-age driving, cyber-crime, road safety, noise pollution etc. Students also participate in various competitions held by the Police and Education Department that generate responsible citizenship.

Coaching: Coaching is offered for various activities outside of the Student’s school hours for games and sports such as gymnastics, handball, basketball, throw-ball, football, athletics, etc. Various hobby classes are also offered viz. skating, bharat-natyam and western dance.

Scouts and Guides are offered to all students which inculcate self-discipline, survival skills, and national pride.

Life Skills and Personal Safety Education programmes are conducted for all students of Std. I – X to facilitate smooth transition into their developmental stages, and build their capacity to handle their emotional and physical safety.

LeapStart: LeapStart is a holistic, age appropriate and progressive educational service offering whereby LeapStart provides end to end physical education services to school, which includes internationally researched curriculum, sports equipment, skilled & certified trainers, consistent in-school delivery and comprehensive CCEE complaint assessments.

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