Principal’s message – Welcome to Academic year 2017 -18

Dear Parents,

The last year has been very eventful with many new things happening for students and parents.

Let me first offer my congratulations to all of us for so many things!

As of 2017, the Child Protection Policy of our school is ready for implementation! Our entire staff is with us in this effort to keep our children safe. Each year the school will offer a session on “Together for Child Safety” for those parents who have newly joined our family, and for those who missed it for various reasons.

Our school is now certified for the International Organization of Standards (ISO) for meeting quality standard requirements stated in the ISO 9001-2015 standard. The auditors were very impressed as the staff seemed aligned and participative in the school’s goals. The key processes are mostly in place.

The Student Council of the school has drafted the Anti-Bullying policy for the student body, and they deserve appreciation for their effort and commitment. The new Student Council is ready to take forward the project of creating a positive school environment from the council of 16-17, and have resolved to take it to the next level by involving all students to show respect, care, and support for each other.  With each child who has learned this, we can have the best school environment for all children.

Our first batch of IGCSE students have appeared for their examination with the Cambridge International Examination Board and we are confident that they have done extremely well. We are very proud of them and of our teachers who have done a wonderful job with them, right from pre-school. We aim to take our students to even higher levels of achievement, so that they can make their mark on the global map.

The PACE (Personal Awareness and Career Explorations) program took off successfully, and our students from class 6 to class 10 spent time exploring their own strengths and challenges, their aptitudes and interests, and we are confident they will emerge clear and focused in the career choices they make in life. Here at the school, we have always promoted participation so that students can be introduced to their own particular unique abilities, and the mykensho program has further enhanced student awareness in the right direction.

Lastly, the GRASP (Global Responsiveness and Safety Program) project has successfully integrated the life-skills, value education, and personal safety program. We are in the process of drafting a curriculum to live up to the mission and vision that Bombay Cambridge Gurukul has for its students. With this, we hope to build in our students an attitude of concern for their environment, skills to take care of themselves, and the ability to understand the future challenges that they will face in their adult life.

Every new year fills us with enthusiasm and renewed energy to give our students the best environment to learn, to help discover their own uniqueness and to instill in them the confidence that they are valued. As we take a step forward to becoming global citizens and become a part of the larger sphere of humanity, we thank you again for your support and encouragement in walking with us shoulder to shoulder, in this journey of Education.

Thank you!



With warm regards,